Planning made simple.

As I touched upon in my last planning post, I'm going back to basics next year, no kits, less spending, definitely no worrying that my spreads aren't up to par. Simple, efficient, my planner is going to work for me, my family and business again. The photo above is of my go to stickers. The … Continue reading Planning made simple.

Oh, baby.

So last night the boy confessed he was scared about the whole baby thing and needed me to do a test sooner rather than later. I've been putting it off. I don't think I'm pregnant. At all. I think I'm ridiculously stressed about money or the lack of it and that's causing the delay. Even … Continue reading Oh, baby.

Mad at me

So tonight the boy has been off with me. Really off. I have, of course been panicking about it endlessly and pressing the matter because I need to know what I have done wrong. He told me some stuff I did that annoyed him. Fair play, I get it. It hurt, as it's just things … Continue reading Mad at me