I made some stuff

So in a bid to make more money and regain some of my creative skills I made some bags. Tampon bags. Period pouches. What ever you want to call them. I'd seen one on pintrest and thought 'that's funny. I can do better though'. I'm not going to say whether I think I did better … Continue reading I made some stuff


This or That

The lovely Mrs Chalke at Butterflies and Boundaries has nominated me to do this twice now, and I haven't quite found time. However I am majorly procrastinating today, I have too much work to do, so of course I'm doing everything but actually start, and I loved reading hers, its nice to find out more about … Continue reading This or That


Right I feel like I need to apologise. This is potentially going to be like one of those annoying Facebook statues, where some ones like "arrrrggghhh can't believe this has happened again" every one is clicks on the comments to find out just what has happened to see the response "I'll DM you" So again … Continue reading Cryptic.


Bleeding Nora, that phone call this morning has drained me. Mentally. Completely. I honestly just feel done. Which sucks because I have so much to do. Like lists upon lists upon lists. I am literally clinging on by skin of my teeth getting the things that need to be done just out in time. I've … Continue reading Drained


The therapy people are supposed to be calling my a 9.30. It's 9.34. Literally cannot cope with this. I hate phone calls at the best of times, but waiting for the phone to ring, to talk to some one I don't know, about stuff I don't actually want to talk about. Eurgh. On the plus … Continue reading Waiting


I'm not really underwhelmed just for the first time in a long time I'm not overwhelmed. Shall I start with the boy? I should it's even though it's actually the most recent thing that's happened. We had another exchange of words, the subject for once is irrelevant, however I was cool, calm and collected. Honestly … Continue reading Underwhelmed