January 1st – Money game is strong!

Well its the new year, in a lot of ways I am not ready, however my money game is on form! So if you missed my last post on money, you can catch that here, it tells you all about the lengths I’m taking to ensure I have the most financially stable year I can.

I’ll try do a monthly update on where I’m at, partly just to keep me accountable, I started saving as soon as I decided I needed to be more secure, so I feel like I’ve got a decent foot in the door.

– Pension (Aim £1000 for the year) I am very fortunate despite still not overly promoting my website; due to it not been finished, its still managed to bring in £160. Lots of socks have been coloured in! £840 to go!

Plum – I still love this crazy little facebook thing, Ive saved £120 since the end of October, and I don’t even notice it going out of my account. I wouldn’t have saved this on my own, no way, its great knowing that all my standard car stuff should be paid by this!

– £1000 challenge, first £50 is in there, trying to get the bigger amounts out of the way first, I sold a planner, briefly contemplated spending the funds on on make up, but I did the grown up thing!

– Penny challenge, not started this yet, will be adding something today! Promise!

– ISA – direct debit is set up. £240 left until I feel even remotely comfortable.

CraftyBeeRose (my second etsy shop) is racking up my summer holiday funds, £115.65 so far!

I’m still looking into extra avenues, but I have a couple of ideas, I just need some time to actually put the wheels in motion, saying that Delly will start nursery in a week, 3 hours a day to focus on improving myself. Excited and sad all at the same time.

Topcashback is doing its thing with £83.84 in there and I’ve put nothing on my asda card, due to the fact I am still living off Christmas leftovers, and haven’t had to do a food shop yet!

So now I just need hustle hard and keep it up!


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