January 2nd – Chasing my tail

Yesterday went by in an absolute blur, desperate to the best person I could be, I felt I actually accomplished nothing. Though I did, I completed over 20 orders, managed a little walk and had a very relaxing shower.

Planner, blog and kid wise, healthy eating, work – massive fail. I’m feeling shockingly overwhelmed by it all and hoping when the kids go back to school tomorrow, the routine will help me focus.

The house is such a mess and that’s getting me down. I need to make list of lists I need to make, I feel there’s so many jobs I need to do that actually I’m not doing any and I’m so scared that I’m forgetting something important, that I’m spending more time thinking what it could be than doing what I know needs to be done.

I have an idea for a new income stream but there’s so much work I need to do on the old ones.

I think I just need to survive until Monday when Delta joins the other two at school for three hours a day and then everything will fall into place. I hope.