Allergic to smells

For as long as I can remember I would have always said I was allergic to smells. It’s tough. No one quite understands it, hell, I don’t really understand it, but also no one believes me or takes it seriously. My mum still gets reed diffusers, the boy still buys candles.

And I get that it’s hard for them. Some time it’ll just make me nose itch, maybe sneeze a bit. Sometimes it completely breaks me. Horrid sore throat. Headache. Blocked sinuses. Ear infections.

It makes me mad too. Like incredibly mad, because some times I can be in the house and the smell hits my nose, and can feel it starting and I know it’s going to knock me out for a couple of days, and I get so cranky about it. Who wants to be poorly when it’s completely avoidable? If this was and type of food allergy, they’d do better, because they could rationalise it.

I got to a really bad point in December. I was having an allergic reaction more days than I wasn’t. No one was either remembering or taking it seriously. Scented candles were every where, shops stank of perfume, bleach, flowers, and the thing is once I start I’m even more sensitive.

I remember laying in bed one night and went to kiss the boy, and he stank. Beautiful. Like to a normal person the stink was nice. Floral. New moisturiser. I hated him in that moment though. I tell him all the time not to do, and I think sometimes because it doesn’t affect me as much he thinks it’s all ok, bless him he does try though, unlike certain family member that every time we go out drowns herself in perfume, any way I digress, I was laid in bed. Eyes scratching, nose desperately feeling it like it needs to be blown, but nothing to come out. Throat scratchy but no amount of water can soothe it. It was already starting to affect me. Breathing it in all night, was going to hurt.

So I turned to google. I’ve been to the doctors countless times before. I get brushed away, or given a nose spray – that doesn’t work – so to google I go.

I try find remedies every time I can’t deal with it any more. I never successfully find something that works. I did discover the netti pot, which is great if I catch the nose irritation right at the start. Wheat bags help if my ears / sinuses get blocked. But these just help with the pain. I want prevention not just an aid.

I then I some how stumbled on an article that was so interesting.

Too many histamines. I take anti histamines all the time, but I’ve never really thought about them before as an actual thing.

Recently I think I’m becoming allergic to peanuts, which is horrendous as peanut butter and peanut m&ms, and oh my word, peanut butter m&m’s are my favourite. The brief pain in my throat I get from them is completely worth the taste. But what if they are causing this over load of histamines?

So I cut them out. Only actually peanuts. I’m sure I still have nut traces in things but anything actually nutty doesn’t pass my lips.

Then I googled how to get rid of histamines. And oil of oregano popped up. Off to amazon I went. And then it magically appeared on my doorstep 5 minutes later. Maybe not that quick, but prime quick. It said 2-4 drops mixed with water or some carrier oil. They said it might cause a warming sensation. I could manage one drop. And it burned. Ok, not burned, but hotter than a warming sensation. I managed it for like 5 days. It was tough. But I felt better. After 5 days, I felt better.

I’ve started having those little friendly bacteria yoghurts in a morning, much more easy to stomach, and I’ve been good for almost two weeks. There’s been a couple of nose twitches, when the kids stained the table and I had to use a shit ton of bleach. But that would normally have had me out for a couple of days. This was about 30 mins.

Last night I was a bit silly. I forgot to turn the heating off. (Which always seems to irritate me too) and I decided to clean the toilet with Zoflora, because I love the smell. I feel the worse I’ve felt in ages, but actually I feel really good. The affects are so minor. I’m going to try do two drops of the oils again today, but touch wood I feel almost cured. I won’t be using zoflora again though. Even that beautiful linen smell is quite worth it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still sensitive. I won’t be bringing unnecessary smells into my life, but I seem more able to deal with the ones I can’t avoid.


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