January 9th – Pure Joy

Today was one of those euphoric days. The great rush of happiness usually happens when I’ve hit absolute rock bottom and start to bounce back. I don’t feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. Not even close. However this great rush of happiness is so welcome. It’s all down to the kids. I was just in total of awe of them today, those glorious moments when you just look at them and you are just filled with so much love you think you might burst.

Delly is just an utter delight. She’s at the most beautiful age, full of wonder and innocence and spends her days laughing. We went shopping. She can actually hold a reasonable conversation now, when she isn’t distracted by jumping over cracks, or pretty posters in shop windows.

Taking Delly to school, I managed to catch a glimpse of Lincoln playing with his friends. I could have watched him for hours. It’s so nice to see him interacting with his friends. He’s just such a happy kid.

Event Aurora was in a good mood today, we had the kids friends over for dinners and every one was just so happy.

The happiness is infectious.

I’m happy.


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