I made some stuff

So in a bid to make more money and regain some of my creative skills I made some bags. Tampon bags. Period pouches. What ever you want to call them. I'd seen one on pintrest and thought 'that's funny. I can do better though'. I'm not going to say whether I think I did better … Continue reading I made some stuff


This or That

The lovely Mrs Chalke at Butterflies and Boundaries has nominated me to do this twice now, and I haven't quite found time. However I am majorly procrastinating today, I have too much work to do, so of course I'm doing everything but actually start, and I loved reading hers, its nice to find out more about … Continue reading This or That

Wild camping

Lets go wild camping I say to the boy. It’s been years since I went. 15, maybe even 16, half a life time ago. I thought it’ll be romantic, remote, beautiful views, no technological distraction, exciting. Bliss. Fuck me I was an idiot. First I forgot that iron man over here isn’t going to want … Continue reading Wild camping

Monday, Monday.

It's amazing how the tiniest bit of encouragement can make you want to do great things. A few good comments on my live Facebook commentary today made me absolutely love writing again. I've been in a bit of a rut recently. I write when I can't cope, when I feel so sad I can't get … Continue reading Monday, Monday.

A day of self care

If you've had a look at the website, you'll know that one of the best ways I get my head straight is to paint, and that is what I did today. I did four beautiful, (even if I do say so myself) fairy doors, and then quickly painted some rocks for the kids to hide … Continue reading A day of self care

A honest blog

I've just come back from Vicki's amazing book launch in Leeds, and it's completely reminded me just how much I love to write. I must admit it's tough to write this blog, my old one was so easy, I wrote what I was thinking with the safety net of anonymity. For some reason I didn't … Continue reading A honest blog