January 15th – Surprised

Firstly for the first time this year I've actually typed January in the title. Every time before I've typed December, sometimes I don't notice for days after. Hopefully this is a sign I'm starting to realise its the new year! So nearly two weeks ago we went to Gordale Scar in Malham (Near Malham?). I've … Continue reading January 15th – Surprised


Ex stress, and impromptu trips.

By 9 o’clock this morning I’d almost written off the day already. My ex hasn’t got a car at the minute. His broke on Thursday, he rang me on Sat to ask if I could pick something up. I was in the Lake District but got my mum to go to my house and drop … Continue reading Ex stress, and impromptu trips.

Camping with kids

Let me come straight out and say it. I like camping. There's something about it that completely feeds the soul. I love being in the countryside, and quaint little villages. I love seeing my kids running round a field not an iPad in sight. I love the chatting in the car and the nervous excitement … Continue reading Camping with kids

H10 London Waterloo

I like hotels. I'm going to come straight out and say it. There's something so magical about that first moment you walk in. I've been disappointed by a few, only ever walked out of one. (*shudder*) but on the whole. I love them. Modern, quirky, old, tiny, grand. I'm honestly not fussy. I just like … Continue reading H10 London Waterloo