Dook Plook Designs – Lesbian Valentines

I've fallen back in love with work completely. I'm adoring creating again, even though I rarely get time due to keeping up with orders, I have some great ideas, I just need to get a little more organised. (Ha, good luck there!) This year, I've decided to be true to myself,  I was creating a … Continue reading Dook Plook Designs – Lesbian Valentines


Launch Day – The Dook Plook Designs Girls

It's March 8th, international women's day, a day to take a moment to remember exactly who we are and just how far we've come. It's also the day I've decided to launch my new product. The idea started forming many months ago, plagued by self doubt, worrying if it was feasible, I've toyed around with … Continue reading Launch Day – The Dook Plook Designs Girls