Weird dreams.

Something has shifted. I had a nightmare. My anxiety has a way of presenting like that. This was a weird one though. Normally I'm running or being chased, this time not so much. We are in a hotel tonight, I feel like I need to mention that incase it has some bearing. So the dream, … Continue reading Weird dreams.


Sleep paralysis

I have just woken up, Delta is asleep on my right arm and I’m a hurriedly typing this with my left hand while it is still fresh. Sleep paralysis is the worst. I’ve had it before. I’ve never had it like this. The boy left early to go coaching. He whispered “bye babe”. I was … Continue reading Sleep paralysis

Dream. 21.05.18

We were walking arm in arm round a beautiful lake. There were loads of people up here, the park was truly beautiful. Willows hanging over the lake, blue skies, swan gracefully moving through the water and then this noise started. Harrowing. I can’t describe it. It seemed to be coming from the earth itself. When … Continue reading Dream. 21.05.18