December 16th – Back to normal

I feel like I lost two days down some crazy dark rabbit hole. Friday night was shit. I mean, that is putting it mildly. It was past 11 when the boy got in. Hammered. After falling asleep on the bus and missing his stop, hanging up on me repeatedly, being an arrogant drunk twat. Not … Continue reading December 16th – Back to normal


December 14th – the final straw

Last night was so horrific I don't even want to write about it. Confirmation that the boy doesn't know me at all. I was ready to leave. I don't want to, but I'm not seeing another option right now. I can't keep being made to feel like this.

Guilt tripping

I'm still happy. Ish. No, I am happy. Therapy will be super fun today when I bound in there full of the joys of spring. Anyway, last night was odd. He was sad. And it broke my heart. I hate seeing him so sad, especially when I'm the cause of it. Two things stuck out … Continue reading Guilt tripping