December 3rd – a bump in the road

Mentally and physically. Physically I've done something to my back/ribs . It happened last night in the kitchen. Something twinged and then pain just got worse and worse. The boy asked if I needed to go to hospital and part of me was like, 'yes, I think I'm dying' the stabbing pain was starting under … Continue reading December 3rd – a bump in the road


Boy bye.

It’s 4.40. I’ve just heard the boy drive away. I’ve not yet been to sleep, my head is still too full to switch off. I’ve wrote three reviews, and two blogpost though, so at least the time hasn’t be wasted. His opening line to me this morning was “you are so frustrating” that’s not how … Continue reading Boy bye.

Monday, Monday.

It's amazing how the tiniest bit of encouragement can make you want to do great things. A few good comments on my live Facebook commentary today made me absolutely love writing again. I've been in a bit of a rut recently. I write when I can't cope, when I feel so sad I can't get … Continue reading Monday, Monday.

Barcelona musings

Today I have walked round Barca for hours. Just me and my thoughts. Occasionally some music, but mainly just silence. It's funny how observing others can make you see yourself better, I've realised some things, and confirmed some things, and now I am so ready to go home, I feel like I have some firm … Continue reading Barcelona musings

Thank fuck the tables have turned. My baby boy woke me up by climbing into my bed and being ridiculously cute. I accomplished loads last night orders are up to date. Teachers gifts are done and have been sent to school. New planner has been purchased. Photos are ready to be printed for the wall. … Continue reading