Every where I turn, babies

Meadowhall today was filled with babies. I don't know if I'm a bit hyper sensitive, but seriously everywhere turn, there was a baby, and gorgeous babies too. I know, I know all babies are cute, these babies though super cute. And everywhere. I could literally feel my ovaries aching. (I've still not had a period … Continue reading Every where I turn, babies


Oh, baby.

So last night the boy confessed he was scared about the whole baby thing and needed me to do a test sooner rather than later. I've been putting it off. I don't think I'm pregnant. At all. I think I'm ridiculously stressed about money or the lack of it and that's causing the delay. Even … Continue reading Oh, baby.

Silly Cycle

So day 42, forty bloody two and my baby dreams have come to an abrupt end. I'm cursing my body, tender boobs, slight nausea I was convinced it'd happened. However no. Laying in the tent this morning, I had one of this really good cries. Crying because however much I'd convinced myself I'm ok with … Continue reading Silly Cycle


So as we are all besties now I thought fuck it we can have a personal post. Maybe some people sending me some positive vibes is what I need. Quick back story both me and the boy have kids from previous relationships. My three. His two. His two are older. Teenagers. Mine are teeny babies. … Continue reading TWW