January 14th – Money Updates

Half  way through the month, and I feel I need to do an update, a month is too long so I think p be every two weeks ish, gotta to keep my accountability in check. I'm trying my hardest, yet despite being super prepared for my tax bill this year, I had completely forgotten about … Continue reading January 14th – Money Updates


January 1st – Money game is strong!

Well its the new year, in a lot of ways I am not ready, however my money game is on form! So if you missed my last post on money, you can catch that here, it tells you all about the lengths I'm taking to ensure I have the most financially stable year I can. … Continue reading January 1st – Money game is strong!

Foot fetish

So yesterday I posted a picture of my feet on instagram. Not like a close up or anything more just me chilling in my shiny new living room, feet up on the sofa, relaxing. Today I woke up to some one sliding in my DMs asking to pay me to let him rub my feet. … Continue reading Foot fetish

Constantly thinking

I think one of the best and worst things about anxiety is the constant thinking. There is always something, multiple things, flying through my head, worries, to do lists goals, plans, random things some one once said to me ten years ago, obscure song lyrics, the list goes on. Most of the time it's actually … Continue reading Constantly thinking