Keen Steakhouse, NYC – Review

I’m underdressed. When Keens was recommended to me, I should have done my research. I’ve rocked up in jeans and trainers, a cute top, and a reasonably nice jacket but still, I’m surrounded mainly by men in suits, who all seem to be on very important lunch dates. The two men next to me are … Continue reading Keen Steakhouse, NYC – Review


Cafe Mogador

When I added on a few days in New York to my Atlanta trip, I reached out to my friend Jenny, who lives there to see what she’d recommend. Cafe Mogador was up there on the top of the list. The best breakfast in the city. I’m apprehensive. That’s a big title to live up … Continue reading Cafe Mogador

Wild camping

Lets go wild camping I say to the boy. It’s been years since I went. 15, maybe even 16, half a life time ago. I thought it’ll be romantic, remote, beautiful views, no technological distraction, exciting. Bliss. Fuck me I was an idiot. First I forgot that iron man over here isn’t going to want … Continue reading Wild camping

H10 London Waterloo

I like hotels. I'm going to come straight out and say it. There's something so magical about that first moment you walk in. I've been disappointed by a few, only ever walked out of one. (*shudder*) but on the whole. I love them. Modern, quirky, old, tiny, grand. I'm honestly not fussy. I just like … Continue reading H10 London Waterloo