January 26th – Dear Diary

Dear diary, When you start to believe things are getting better - things get better. That is my absolute truth right now. I feel like everything is clicking into place and the more I believe things are working out, the more grateful I become, the more positive things are happening. I've had off days for … Continue reading January 26th – Dear Diary


Exceeded Expectations

I'm having a wee moment of I'm fricking awesome, and I'm going to share it with you. There's a lot of stuff I'm not good at, keeping my emotions in check for example, but this weekend I have just smashed life. Completely. My business did better than I ever dreamed it would from Black Friday … Continue reading Exceeded Expectations

Silly wasps

Linc just got stung by a wasp. And was hysterical. I’ve never been stung by a wasp and judging from his reaction I never ever want to be. However this is not the point of my post. The point is I lost my cool. Despite what you may think. I am a very laid back … Continue reading Silly wasps